Latest Show

First Eight at Depot II

‘First Eight’ featured an assemblage of the best pieces I’ve produced since 2004.

My painting has been influenced by a wide range of fellow artists and academics at The Sydney College of the Arts – developing in subject matter, palette and scale. I have however maintained my unorthodox method of applying paint – using a highly liquid oil mixture that’s applied, dripped or thrown on to the canvas with an eye dropper. All paintings in the exhibition are oil on canvas and ranged from small scale works – to the enormous nebula series.

Paintings were arranged chronologically and in series – including works from Vertices, Rotated, Landscape and Transitions. Nebula works (paintings and video) have unexpected colour where physiologically and psychologically, one’s mind says it shouldn’t exist.

The way forward is informed by precedents and that’s what inspired me to put on ‘First Eight’. By reviewing what’s gone before, it’s possible to envisage the potential of what lies ahead and that’s my prime motivation.

‘First Eight’ ran from 7-18 June at Depot II, 2 Danks Street, Waterloo.

Many thanks to all those who attended and purchased – you all added to the success of the event.

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